Book with confidence. Absolutely everything you need to know about Nuru before you schedule your sexiest me-time ever.

After six weeks of quarantine, I’m extending super limited availability in May, however it is very likely I will return to quarantine again in the coming weeks. Until then, I’ll be announcing any availability on Mondays on my booking page.

In the meantime, I’m doing many of the things I’ve always done. My incall remains immaculately clean. I continue to offer a fully-stocked shower, with an array of unscented liquid and bar soap, shampoo, and, yes, even unscented hand sanitizer.

Beyond the basics, I am reducing appointment volume, sanitizing surfaces before each appointment, and I remain personally quarantined–aside from the few appointments I am releasing, my only adventures have been masked and gloved trips to the grocery store. Additionally, I am accepting local, Portland clients only at this time. 

Want me, you, or both of us to wear a mask or a scarf during your visit? Like a sexy bandit bodyrub? Sounds kinda kinky! Seriously, whatever makes you comfortable. Just let me know!

What can you do to make for a smooth visit in these wild times? A few things!

  • If you’ve flown in the past 14 days, please wait to schedule your massage.
  • Don’t let’s get topical. I’m not back because I want to talk about the news. I’m back because I’m horny. For the hour we’re together, let’s be the only two people in Portland not thinking about this thing at all.
  • Please remember that everyone is at home right now. And by everyone, I mean all of my neighbors–lovely people whom I never want to meet. Help me be neighborly. If you’ve been here before, be sure to wait to come to the door until I text you that I’m ready. If it’s your first visit, follow directions carefully so you don’t look suspiciously lost. Wait until we are inside my apartment to say a proper hello. These are great practices anyway, but discretion is extra important for everyone right now!

Nuru massage and FBSM are broad terms to describe any kind of sexy rubdown or bodyrub. The nuru style tends to be extra slippery, which is super hot to me.

Everyone’s style is different, so finding someone you vibe with can be especially important when planning your body rub.

My kinda bodyrub involves hot oil and tons of body gliding. I love to bring everything sexy about a strip club VIP room into a super-chill, uber-private environment for maximum erotic relaxation.

My modern, well-appointed studio is located in inner SE Portland, Oregon,  just across the Morrison Bridge from downtown. For me, a sexy, clean, comfortable environment is a must, setting the stage for an outstanding experience. 

Centrally located, yet a  world away from daily life, you’d never guess that my private, sexy oasis is discreetly hidden away in a convenient, brand-new building. For this reason, I do not offer outcall, social dates, or travel engagements.

Absolutely yes! Coming from the airport or straight from work? No problem.  Unscented everything, fresh linens, and a killer shower head are just a few of the amenities my five-star experience offers. 

After any hot oil bodyrub, a shower is a must, so my shower is fully stocked with everything you need to feel confidently clean both before and after our session. No matter what your day looks like you can slip in and out with a huge smile and no worries!

In my experience, Nuru gel is kind of a gimmick. It tends to dry and become sticky quickly, loses heat rapidly, and requires a very, very warm room for best results–think Bikram yoga. 

After extensive experimentation with many different oils and gels, my overwhelming preference is to use my own blend of super-slippery micro oils. That means oils with a small enough molecular structure to penetrate and nourish your skin. I never use coconut oil, which tends to leave a film on your skin, and has a distinctive odor that may linger. My oil is completely scent-free for maximum discretion.

Still have Nuru gel on your bucket list? Want to compare for yourself? I do offer authentic Nuru gel by request. This option requires additional preparation, so please let me know you’re interested in the gel at the time of booking, and add +$100 to your consideration.

I want my phone number in your little black book, not on your bank statement. Cash only, please!

I find menus and checklists wildly unsexy and boring, so I don’t publish a menu or answer menu-related questions.  I specialize in creating physically intense, super-erotic, super-relaxing experiences. I want to test the capacity of your unmet hunger for physical contact with masterful touch to engage your full body.

If you believe that a specific menu item is essential to your experience, I encourage you to book an escort with a published menu. If you’re into exploring your own sexual power in a completely no-pressure context with a skilled, experienced, smokin-hot brunette as your guide? Drop me a line!

Have you ever flown Spirit Airlines? An extra five dollars for water? An extra twenty for a carry-on? Whether it’s a flight or an erotic massage, an all-inclusive experience is always more relaxing.

For this reason, I do not offer any upsells, and will never ask you for “tips” to enhance the experience. If  you feel ready to expand and maximize your sexual potential beyond an hour, extended appointments may be a great option  for exploring your needs.

I offer a completely safe, incredibly sexy nuru experience, and I will never do anything you aren’t into. To maximize your experience during our time together, I am both completely engaged with your physical cues and also highly responsive to direct feedback. Your comfort and pleasure are my top priority!

Sometimes!  Regular hours are one of the ways I’m able to offer an outstanding, five-star service for below-market rates, but I am occasionally available outside my hours by request for additional compensation. 

My rate to open early for you, stay late for you, or open especially for you on a day off is $600 for up to 90 minutes.  If you’ll need special scheduling accommodation, please text me directly to schedule at 503-433-7771. 

Obviously, all off-hours bookings are subject to availability, but planning ahead goes a long way in ensuring I’m able to accommodate you!

As an expert in male pleasure and sexuality, I do not offer bodyrub sessions with women or couples. I am, however, available for private couples workshops. 

If you are interested in exploring techniques to maximize your male partner’s pleasure, including basics like learning how to give your partner a nuru massage, as well as more specific, advanced techniques for edging, multiple (male) orgasms, sex with ED (erectile dysfunction), and more, let me know when you schedule your appointment that you’re interested in a couples workshop. 

During your workshop, we can identify your shared sexual goals, spend time on hands on exploration, and follow up with suggestions for how to build on our time together at home.

My 24/7 horny lifestyle and fun, fantastic attitude are 100% dependent on exclusively seeing people I have a great vibe with. I only want to spend time with men who love what I do and are totally into it, because it’s a huge turn on for me, and I carry that turned-on energy with me all day every day. It’s the best! 

If you have ever asked menu questions over text, pushed for extras in person, tried to talk about politics to me, or even if I just get the impression that what I offer isn’t what you’re into, I may have decided we aren’t a good fit.

That’s okay, though! Just because we aren’t a good fit doesn’t mean that your desires and needs aren’t completely valid. I offer a very specific, very physical experience, and compromise and conflict resolution should never be a part of our dynamic. By ending our relationship, my intention is to remove the expectation that you must repair a relationship that isn’t satisfying to you, and free you to find a partner who is happy and excited to provide exactly what you’re looking for. 

As a client, you should have the experience you want, so you can carry your own super-satisfied turned-on energy with you all day every day too, even if it’s not from me.

Between this comprehensive and thoughtfully-written website, frequent Twitter selfies,  and flawless reviews on TNA, my outstanding reputation is easily verified. I have a deep passion for exploring male sexuality that is obvious in every aspect of my work, both in person and online. 

Still nervous? Maybe the question that’s bothering you isn’t “what if she’s fake?” but “what if she’s real?” When you’re ready to explore with me, I’m here for it.

Nope! I confirm all appointments and complete all screening through text, including online bookings. I mean… if you could nope out of checking emails, wouldn’t you? 😉

I respond to texts and bookings reliably within the hour from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week.