everything you need to know about Nuru bodyrubs to book with confidence.

If you’ve ever been curious about a sexy massage, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different terms people use in ads and reviews. Fortunately, it’s super simple. There’s almost no universally accepted difference is between “nuru,” “sensual massage,” “bodyrub,” and “FBSM.” All of these terms are used interchangeably to describe any kind of erotic performance framed as a massage. Nuru is an extra slippery style with lots of body gliding, which is super hot to me. Nuru is named after a traditional massage gel, but I like to use warm oil.

I love to bring everything sexy about a strip club VIP room into a super-chill, uber-private environment for maximum erotic relaxation. And if you’re here because you loved my infamous OnlyFans nuru video, you know just what you’re in for! 

Nuru plus is a fully-nude escalation of my classic nuru experience. 

In my experience, Nuru gel is kind of a gimmick. It tends to dry and become sticky very quickly, loses heat rapidly, and requires an extremely warm room for best results–think Bikram yoga. 

After extensive experimentation with many different oils and gels, my overwhelming preference is to use a super-slippery micro oil. That means plant-based oils with a small enough molecular structure to penetrate and nourish your skin. I never use coconut oil, which tends to leave a film, and has a distinctive odor that may linger. My oil is completely scent-free for maximum discretion.

Centrally located, yet surrounded by lots of free street parking, my east side studio is just across the bridge from downtown, yet world away from daily life. You’d never guess that my private, sexy oasis is hidden away in a discreet, modern building. 

A sexy environment with a heated table is essential to me, because it sets the stage for an outstanding experience. For this reason, I do not offer outcall, with one exception: if you’re staying downtown and we are having dinner together I’m happy to head to your hotel after we leave the restaurant. Otherwise, let’s get together at my place!

Absolutely yes! Coming from the airport or straight from work? No problem. Unscented bath products, fresh linens, and a killer shower head are just a few of the amenities in my modern, comfortable studio.

After any hot oil bodyrub a shower is a must, so my shower is fully stocked with everything you need to feel confidently clean both before and after our session. No matter what your day looks like, you can always slip in and out with a huge smile and no worries!

Because I find menus and checklists wildly unsexy and boring, I don’t publish a menu or answer menu-related questions. Should you find yourself desperately in need of a menu, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring an escort who publishes one. I’m not interested in experiences that feel like dating. I’m interested in experiences that feel like dreaming.

Have you ever flown Spirit Airlines? Paid an extra five dollars for water? An extra twenty for a carry-on? Whether it’s a flight or an erotic massage, I believe that an all-inclusive experience is always more relaxing.

For this reason, I do not offer any upsells, and will never ask you for “tips” to enhance the experience. I want your visit to feel maximum awesome every single time. 

As an expert in male pleasure and sexuality, I do not offer body rub sessions with women or couples. 

I’m comfortable with clients of all ages, however due to a much higher cancellation rate, I no longer book any clients under the age of 25.

Cash only, please!

My 24/7 horny lifestyle and fun, fantastic attitude are 100% dependent on exclusively seeing people I have a great vibe with. I only want to spend time with men who love what I do and are totally into it, because it’s a huge turn on for me, and I carry that turned-on energy with me all day every day. It’s the best! 

If you have ever asked menu questions over text, pushed for extras in person, tried to talk to me about politics, or even if I just get the impression that what I offer isn’t what you’re into, I may have decided we aren’t a good fit.

That’s okay, though! Just because we aren’t a good fit doesn’t mean that your desires and needs aren’t completely valid. I offer a very specific, very physical experience, and compromise and conflict resolution should never be a part of our dynamic.  You should feel free to find a partner who is happy and excited to provide exactly what you’re looking for. 

As a client, you should have the experience you want, so you can carry your own super-satisfied turned-on energy with you all day every day too, even if it’s not from me.

You don’t! Isn’t it exciting?