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About Bella

Oil Baroness Uncovered

Hi! I'm Bella...

…and I give one hell of a massage. But if you’ve made it this far, you probably knew that already!

As a professional minx, I have enjoyed my experiences as an escort, a travel companion and a dominatrix, but I have a particular passion for hot oil nuru. Erotic massage is my favorite because a super accessible way to take any partner to a totally new place sexually, even the first time we meet. It’s such a potent, primal experience!

When I’m not vibing in massage oil like an absolutely debauched heathen, I lead a secret double life as a full-time artist and bigtime film lover. 


TV Show: What We Do In The Shadows

Movie: Solaris, Amelie, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Director: David Lynch, RW Fassbinder, Anna Biller

Food: I love a good steak

Kinks: lingerie, distracting you at work, seduction with stakes 

Treats: movie nights, pedicures, lingerie, good food, hot baths