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December Nudesletter

Merry Whatever

Hello from the end of 2021! As promised, my fall project is wrapping up, and my winter hours are already up on my calendar. In the spirit of getting what you really want this year (laid), I’ve added several days to my December availability. Take a look, and I hope you can come over soon!

Second, although what I want for Christmas is pretty much the same thing you do (laid), I’ve been asked for a wishlist so many times that I finally decided to make one! 

Spoiler alert: I do not care about shoes and handbags, I care about sex and movies, so it is mostly DVDs to add to my precious oversized DVD collection.

And finally, thank you to everyone who played my Ready Playlist One game from last month’s Nudesletter! You should have received a little something back from me, but my new email has been tricky… if you played along and didn’t receive a reply, ping me again at bella@portlandnuru.com

I hope that you’re keeping warm this holiday season, and taking as much time off work as you possibly can without getting fired.


P.S. Do you ever wish that I would call you on the phone and read my Nudesletters to you personally? Then boy, do I ever have the audio clip for you! Please enjoy this multi-sensory Nudesletter experience. Merry Christmas!

Here let me read this Nudesletter out loud for you 😉